PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Baileys Shoe Brush and Polish Kit

Look your very best and prolong the life of your shoes by keeping them clean. This high-quality shoe polish uses beeswax to nourish and protect leather shoes. Every household needs one of these kits! 
Bailey’s Shoe Brush and Polish Kit – $24.95 each or 2 for $40
Why we love it:
  • This polish will reinvigorate tired leather and protect it from future scrapes and water. Shoes will look better and last longer (sorry ladies, no more shoe shopping for a while;-)
  • The high-quality brush has soft bristles that are gentle on fine leather
  • It’s easy to use 

How often do you clean your shoes and what products do you use? We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

Handmade Father’s Day Gift: Mess-Free Baby Painting

This handmade Father’s Day gift idea is great for families with little ones who are a bit too young to draw or colour in an artwork for Father’s Day…

Image from

Why we love it:

  • It’s simple and inexpensive – you just need a tray, a couple of golf balls and some paint
  • This is a great (mess-free) activity for babies and young children, who will love seeing the colours and patterns they create. The activity helps promote co-ordination, especially using two hands. 
  • You could cut this artwork out into any shape, write on it and frame it, or turn it into a personalised Father’s Day card
  • This is a great way for kids to create art for birthdays, anniversaries, or Mother’s Day. 
Have you done any art activities with your children? 
What did you make? 

Father’s Day Recipe: Chocolate Ice Cream Mud Pie

You want to melt your Dad’s heart this Father’s Day? Here is the perfect surprise dessert to touch his soul. Lots of chocolate, plenty of ice cream, and rich nutty taste, what’s not to like? Also, the recipe is a simplified chocolate mud pie, which has only a few ingredients, and is quick and easy to make. It is quite “kid-friendly” for preparation too. So children of all ages can take part in Dad’s surprise.


• Chocolate crumb crust (you may use a store-bought one, or make it from scratch following a standard recipe)
• 3 table spoons soft brown sugar
• 150 ml heavy whipping cream
• 1/2 cup chocolate chips
• 1/2 cup nuts of your choice, chopped (walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds work well)
• 2 litre container of coffee-flavoured ice cream

This Chocolate Ice Cream Mud Pie will melt dad’s heart this Father’s Day


1. Heat half of the whipping cream in a saucepan on medium heat. Wait until the cream is just before its boiling point (or until bubbles appear at the edges). Turn the heat off. Add the chocolate chips and stir gently until they melt and the mixture is chocolaty-smooth. Put the saucepan aside and let it cool completely.
2. In a mixing bowl, add the rest of the whipping cream and whip it until it thickens, add the sugar and continue beating the mixture.
3. Spread the softened ice cream on the crumb crust, and smooth the top. Sprinkle half of the nuts on top. Drizzle the cooled chocolate mixture over the ice cream.
4. Spread the whipped cream in the centre of the pie. Top it all with a sprinkle of the remaining nuts.
5. Freeze the pie for a couple of hours, or if it suits your time frame – overnight (just keep it hidden from Dad).

TIP: The pie is best enjoyed with a cup of hot strong coffee. To slice it, use a knife with a heated blade (just dip it in hot water for a few seconds).

This recipe was kindly shared with us by Margaret Swanton, a marketing specialist at Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne housekeeping agency, and a chocoholic, who explores her passion for desserts. 

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FREE printable Father’s Day Card: 5 Things I Love About My Dad

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What things do you love most about your dad? 
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Ten gifts to help him look his best: Father’s Day grooming and accessory gifts

Men's grooming and accessory gifts
Left to their own devices, the grooming regime for many men would consist of a bar of soap, a toothbrush, and some deodorant (well, hopefully!). Whilst grooming routines don’t need to be complicated, a few carefully-selected products will make him feel like a king. Here are some of our favourites…

We’re also offering FREE DELIVERY on all orders from now until Father’s Day (midnight Saturday 5/9/15).  

Use Discount Code DAD in the Discount Code field when you place your order.  

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Gentlemen's Hardware Wash Bag
1. Gentlemen’s Hardware Wash Bag $39.95
Men’s wash bags don’t need to be boring. Made from durable grey felt with faux-leather trim, this wash bag is the perfect size for a weekend escape or a longer hiatus abroad. View the Gentlemen’s Hardware range… 
Go-comb hair comb
2. Go Comb $14.95
As the name suggests, this comb is small-but-mighty and an essential for every guy’s (and gal’s) wallet. 
Bailey's Shoe and Brush Polish Kit
3. Baileys Shoe Brush and Polish Kit $24.95
Polished shoes might not always be noticed, but scuffed, unpolished shoes stand out. Keep your shoes looking their best with this beautiful beeswax-based shoe polish. Available in neutral or black.  
Moustache Grooming Kit
4. Moustache Grooming Kit NOW $10 (was $12.95)
Every great moustache requires a little TLC. Consisting of a handy-sized pair of scissors and grooming comb, this kit will help keep his ‘tache looking its best. 
Beauty Mate Nude Nut Gift Set
5. Beauty Mate Nude Nut Gift Pack $34.95
This Gift Pack is all about his face. Beauty Mate’s face wash, moisturizer and shave gel will keep him looking sharp everyday, and maintain his street-cred without a hint of girly packaging anywhere! If he’s a hair man, he might like theBeauty Mate Good on You Gift Pack
i-clip wallet
6. I-Clip Wallet $37.95
This compact, light-weight wallet is designed to hold all your essentials without taking up precious space in your pocket. Made in Germany from high-quality calf leather and light weight resin. Available in black, navy, red and tan. 
Hanpu Koubou Overnight Bag
7. Hanpu Koubou Canvas Overnight Bag $59.95
The beauty of canvas bags is that they’re light-weight, which is great for keeping that baggage allowance weight down. Hanpu Koubou make high-quality, functional bags and this one’s a great example. It features lots of handy pockets as well as a spacious interior. View the range…
Wurkin Stiffs Knotz Cufflinks
8. Wurkin Stiffs Knotz Cufflinks $19.95
Stylish cufflinks don’t need to be expensive. Wurkin Stiff’s Knotz Cufflinks come in a variety of colours that will match most shirts and are made from a silky-smooth yarn designed to glide through shirt cuffs.View the range…
YMMN Leather Wallet
9. YMMN Leather Wallet $249.95
Every man deserves a wallet they’re proud to pull out of their pocket and this one will definitely tick all the boxes when it comes to style and quality. Check out the YMMN range here…
Sophisti-Case Globus Luxury Lacquered Box
10. Sophisti-Case Globus Luxury Lacquered Box $249.95
Look after your cufflinks and keep them organised by carefully storing them. The best thing about this beautiful chest is its interchangeable shelves, which allow it to be customised to accomodate a variety of accessories and trinkets. This box also works well for desk accessories. Here are some cufflinks to put in it…

The best advice my dad gave me: Jo Sweeney,

Jo Sweeney shares her dad’s wise words in our latest installment of The best advice me dad gave me

The best thing my dad taught me was “If you can’t be good – be good at it”. My dad was a fun loving hard worker and ironically a garbo!

Jo Sweeney is the co-founder of, an online retailer of street art, specialising in quirky wheelie bin stickers for the Dad that has everything. Whether he tells lame dad jokes, takes the environment seriously or is a bogan, has a sticker to suit every Dad this Father’s Day. From $24.95 – sold in gift tubes and delivered Australia Wide. Buy online from 

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Vintage Record Coasters

Every home needs a set of coasters, and in my opinion, the brighter they are the better! Coasters are the one souvenir I’ll grab if I’m travelling as they’re generally a pretty compact item to travel with (excluding the ones made from stone). Seeing them on your coffee table at home is a nice reminder of a fun holiday. 

These Vintage Record Coasters are made from the original labels of 33 LPs 

Coasters make great gifts because:

  • They’re really useful. You can’t really have too many and if you do, you can rotate different sets to suit your mood/decor. It’s also handy having a few extra if you’re having a party. 
  • They are a fun and easy way to add ‘personality’ to your interior decoration. 
  • They made a great conversation starter (especially these record label coasters) as people reminisce about their favourite albums. 
  • They protect your furniture – after all, that’s what they’re made for! Not only do they protect wooden surfaces from heat rings from hot drinks, they also cut down on the cleaning of glass surfaces that seem to attract drink rings too. 
  • They’re child-friendly/proof. Both of my children have loved playing with our bamboo coasters. Whilst glass or ceramic coasters are slightly less family-friendly, wooden or plastic coasters will stand the family challenge. They’re large enough not to be swallowed, and survive being thrown across the room. 
  • They are a great gift for a man or woman or any age, as well as a wonderful housewarming/engagement or wedding gift. 

Each set of Vintage Record Coasters is unique, with no two sets alike

Why we love these Vintage Record Coasters:
  • Each set of 4 is completely unique and you won’t find another set the same. 
  • Whilst each coaster is different, they work really well as a set on a table together. 
  • They are bright, colourful and will liven up any table
  • Each coaster is backed with cork, to ensure your furniture is protected from heat and scratches. 

What sort of coasters do you have at home? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

Competition time! Your chance to win a set of Vintage Coasters…

These coasters are made from the original label of a 33lp record, which means that each set of four coasters is completely unique, with no two sets alike. The best bit is that one of these sets could be yours…
To enter:
1. Visit the Mr Gift Facebook page to find this competition. Like the Mr Gift Facebook page, as well as the Facebook competition post.
2. Comment of this post by telling us: What’s your all-time favourite music album? 
3. Comp ends midnight Thursday 27/8/15 and winner will be randomly selected (open to Australian residents only, sorry!).

Handmade Father’s Day gift: Beer Bottle Snacks

A six pack of empty beer bottles, as well as the six pack holder can be put to good use for dad this Father’s Day with these fun handmade snack bottles…

Why we love them:

  • These bottles are a great size to fill up with a variety of snacks and treats for dad – nuts, Smarties, seeds, rice crackers – basically anything small enough to fit through the neck of the bottles!
  • Don’t worry if you throw out the bottle top – you can easily seal the bottle with a piece of fabric placed over the opening and secure it with an elastic band and ribbon. Alternatively, you could even use a piece of wide, clear tape. 
  • You can have fun with the labels on these bottles. Use the dimensions of the original label for size and create your own personalised labels on the computer or get the kids to draw a picture. You could feature a picture, a quote, write something you love about dad on each one, or even just used colourful wrapping paper to cover up the old label. 
  • You could also use swing tags, ribbon or twine to further embellish your bottles. 
  • This is an inexpensive gift you and the kids can have fun creating together. 
  • If dad doesn’t drink beer you could use any glass jar or container in the same way – keep an eye out for any interesting jars or containers to use before you recycle them. 

What sort of snack/treat would you like to receive in one of these bottles? We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…