Handmade Father’s Day gift: Beer Bottle Snacks

A six pack of empty beer bottles, as well as the six pack holder can be put to good use for dad this Father’s Day with these fun handmade snack bottles…

Why we love them:

  • These bottles are a great size to fill up with a variety of snacks and treats for dad – nuts, Smarties, seeds, rice crackers – basically anything small enough to fit through the neck of the bottles!
  • Don’t worry if you throw out the bottle top – you can easily seal the bottle with a piece of fabric placed over the opening and secure it with an elastic band and ribbon. Alternatively, you could even use a piece of wide, clear tape. 
  • You can have fun with the labels on these bottles. Use the dimensions of the original label for size and create your own personalised labels on the computer or get the kids to draw a picture. You could feature a picture, a quote, write something you love about dad on each one, or even just used colourful wrapping paper to cover up the old label. 
  • You could also use swing tags, ribbon or twine to further embellish your bottles. 
  • This is an inexpensive gift you and the kids can have fun creating together. 
  • If dad doesn’t drink beer you could use any glass jar or container in the same way – keep an eye out for any interesting jars or containers to use before you recycle them. 

What sort of snack/treat would you like to receive in one of these bottles? We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

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