Best purchase under $100: The Cord Roll

Our Best Purchase under $100 series continues with a cool little travel companion, The Cord Roll, created by pilot, Shane Thompson. 

“I am a full time international long haul Pilot for QANTAS Airways here in Sydney… so I travel A LOT (!).

18 months ago I launched a brand dedicated to solving those small problems that we all face, particularly when travelling – that end up taking you away from ‘the moment’. 

With a passion for design that started as a child, my first product came from a very authentic place, after using my phone all around the world to listen to music and find my way. This first product is The Cord Roll. Made from full grain cow hide, it allows the user to keep their headphones and charging cables in the one spot, and UN-tangled.”

Learn more about The Cord Roll at

Best purchase under $100: Thank You cards

What have you bought recently for under $100 that has changed your life (or at least enhanced it)? In our latest blog series, Best Purchase Under $100, we put the question out there, and received some great answers. This week Karl Eastring shares his favourite purchase, which resulted in him starting a business in this area called Thankfulmail. 

“One of the most transformative experiences for me has been writing ‘Thank You’ cards on regular basis. It’s such a simple thing to do, yet even science shows that expressing gratitude to people leads to happiness & higher life satisfaction. It’s not only making you feel better, but it also makes someone’s day to receive a handwritten gratitude card in their mailbox. It has started so many beautiful conversations with both my family and total strangers. Thankfulmail has helped me to build the habit of gratitude by delivering artisan ‘Thank You’ card sets on monthly basis at a cost from 6 USD.” Learn more about Karl’s business at

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