PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Vintage Record Coasters

Every home needs a set of coasters, and in my opinion, the brighter they are the better! Coasters are the one souvenir I’ll grab if I’m travelling as they’re generally a pretty compact item to travel with (excluding the ones made from stone). Seeing them on your coffee table at home is a nice reminder of a fun holiday. 

These Vintage Record Coasters are made from the original labels of 33 LPs 

Coasters make great gifts because:

  • They’re really useful. You can’t really have too many and if you do, you can rotate different sets to suit your mood/decor. It’s also handy having a few extra if you’re having a party. 
  • They are a fun and easy way to add ‘personality’ to your interior decoration. 
  • They made a great conversation starter (especially these record label coasters) as people reminisce about their favourite albums. 
  • They protect your furniture – after all, that’s what they’re made for! Not only do they protect wooden surfaces from heat rings from hot drinks, they also cut down on the cleaning of glass surfaces that seem to attract drink rings too. 
  • They’re child-friendly/proof. Both of my children have loved playing with our bamboo coasters. Whilst glass or ceramic coasters are slightly less family-friendly, wooden or plastic coasters will stand the family challenge. They’re large enough not to be swallowed, and survive being thrown across the room. 
  • They are a great gift for a man or woman or any age, as well as a wonderful housewarming/engagement or wedding gift. 

Each set of Vintage Record Coasters is unique, with no two sets alike

Why we love these Vintage Record Coasters:
  • Each set of 4 is completely unique and you won’t find another set the same. 
  • Whilst each coaster is different, they work really well as a set on a table together. 
  • They are bright, colourful and will liven up any table
  • Each coaster is backed with cork, to ensure your furniture is protected from heat and scratches. 

What sort of coasters do you have at home? 
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