Handmade Wedding Gift of the week: Photograph of the couple’s name

If you’ve ever written your name in the sand before, then you know how easy the first step of creating one on these beautiful pictures is. The trickiest part probably lies in picking the right time/light and angle to photograph it. But, if you can accomplish these steps, then the end result, as you can see, is quite spectacular…
Whilst we don’t recommend going out and carving your or anyone else’s name on the nearest tree or fence, there are professionals like Picture it Personal who can do this for you digitally without harming a single tree (we promise!). 
Why we love it:
  • This is one of the most unique and personalised gift ideas we’ve seen – ever! 
  • You can have a go at making one of these yourself by writing the couple’s name in the sand
  • If you can make one yourself by writing in the sand, the cost is relatively low and the result even more unique. The main cost lies in printing and framing the image. 
  • You can customise the image and make it any size and use any type of frame to suit the couple. 
  • This would also be a great gift idea for a wedding anniversary, milestone birthday or even a newborn gift
Which scene would you pick for your photograph? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

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