BRAND OF THE WEEK: Senz° Umbrellas

Having just walked home on a cold and blustery evening, I can really relate to what Senz° aim to achieve with their innovative umbrella brand. At some point we’ve all experienced the frustration of an unreliable umbrella that:

·         Blows inside out in strong winds
·         Breaks easily, often revealing sharp metal pieces that are dangerous to unsuspecting eyes
·         Leaks
·         Provides poor visibility
Fortunately, help is at hand since Senz° revolutionised the humble umbrella. It all began in 2005 when a young Dutch design student (also frustrated with his unreliable umbrella), questioned why it is that we can get to the moon and back, yet we can’t design one decent umbrella! Determined to find a solution to this problem, he spent months generating ideas and shortlisting designs until finally, the Senz° umbrella was born.
What is the secret to Senz°’s successful design? The asymmetric shape that catches less wind and prevents the umbrella from turning inside out. However, this is not the only difference from a traditional umbrella. Our clever design student didn’t stop there – he added other features such as:
·         Ribs that are hinged at the tips (to ensure they can’t break) so that wind is evenly distributed
·         An aerodynamic design that “slices” through all winds up to 100km/h
·         A light but strong frame that is comfortable to hold
·         UV protection of UPF 50+
·         A smooth opening mechanism that has been integrated with the handle
·         A shape that offers perfect visibility and maximum protection
This winter, we challenge you to bin your old brolly and try the Senz° umbrella. Senz° umbrellas are available in several different sizes including:
1. Senz Mini Umbrella $64.95
2. Senz Original Umbrella $74.95
3. Senz Umbrella XL $99.95

They make the perfect men’s accessory gift for guys that are hard to buy for. Offering the perfect combination of function and design, guys will be fascinated by how the Senz° umbrella works and will love the sleek, contemporary look.

BUY NOW and receive FREE DELIVERY on any Senz° umbrella purchased before 5pm Fri 30 March 2012. Simply enter code SENZ when you place your order.

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