Anyone remember doilies? You know, the decorative pieces of lace grandma used to have under every lamp and on every side table? If you have any of these stashed away, these lace mason jar candle holders are a great way to repurpose them and create a vintage look in your home. You could also use these jars as pretty storage vessels.

Source: https://usefuldiyprojects.com/22-mesmerizing-homemade-diy-lace-crafts-to-beautify-your-home/

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HANDMADE GIFT IDEA: Personalised gardening gloves

This is a thoughtful gift for parents or grandparents who like to garden. Accompany them with this poem and you’re guaranteed to have them in tears!

The poem reads: “See these gloves daddy? They don’t fit me just yet, my handprints are on them so you never forget. I’m only small for a little while, So remember my hands and remember my smile. I love you daddy, with all my heart. No matter how much I grow, we will never grow apart.”

Source: Pinterest

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NEW: Got It All 12-in-1 Multi-tool $39.95 + FREE DELIVERY

Crafted from sturdy stainless steel and wood, this multi-tool has 12 handy tools, including:
Axe, Pliers, Wrench, Wire cutter, Hammer head, Small flathead screwdriver, Can and bottle opener, Serrated saw blade, Large flat head screw driver, Rasp, Knife, and Philips head screwdriver.

This is the perfect:
– Gift for travellers to use on road trips, camping or hiking
– Gift for the glovebox or desk draw so you’re prepared for anything!
– Gift for the person with everything
– Gift for guys who like their gadgets

12-in-1 Multitool $39.95 + FREE DELIVERY

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