I have always associated Corona with lazy summer holidays, or Sunday afternoons relaxing in the sun with great company. However, thanks to the guys at BottleHood, I now associate Corona and Corona bottles with something else – recycling – or more specifically, ‘repurposing’.

Based in San Diego, California, BottleHood are at the forefront of recycling glass from beer, wine, soda and liquor bottles and repurposing them into glasses, jewellery, light fixtures, vases and more. Glass is sourced from local homes, restaurants, bars, breweries and community events and cleverly reprocessed by a skilled team of artisans. In addition to Corona bottles, BottleHood also transforms other beer bottles, spirit bottles such as Grey Goose and Belvedere, and colourful wine bottles into an assortment of must-have glasses.
Considering that it takes more than 4000 years for glass to decompose in landfill, it’s a scary prospect that around 7 million tonnes of glass bottles are thrown away in the US alone every year. Even when glass is recycled, transport and energy costs are still incurred in getting bottles to a recycling facility and then remanufacturing them. Repurposing glass is a simpler process, requiring fewer resources than recycling. BottleHood also aims to source their bottles locally, cutting down on transportation costs.
Why we love BottleHood:

It’s rare to find a brand with such a cool story behind it. Since their inception in 2009, BottleHood has been on a mission to protect the environment by reducing the amount of glass that reaches landfill, whilst creating jobs and stimulating economy in the local community. It’s refreshing to find an exciting range of products that have purpose and have been created with passion. Mr Gift is proud to exclusively retail a selection of BottleHood’s glassware here in Australia. We have just received our latest delivery with some exciting new styles (including the iconic Corona glasses), so take advantage of our special offer this week:

BUY NOW and receive a FREE Joseph Joseph Quicksnap Ice Tray (worth $14.95) with any BottleHood products purchased before 5pm Fri 25 May 2012.

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