BRAND OF THE WEEK: Karlsson Clocks

Everyone should own a stunning timepiece and beautiful clocks make excellent gifts as they combine style with function – a great idea for someone that is hard to buy for. You can never really have too many clocks, especially since they can be used in every room of a house.

With brands like Karlsson, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a gorgeous clock. Karlsson is a Dutch brand that is renowned for “good quality, stunning graphics, aesthetic shapes and innovative design”. Karlsson’s design philosophy is brought to life by the confluence of the Karlsson design team with national and international designers.

Karlsson’s collection is updated twice a year and consists of three key collections: The “Timeless Collection”, the “Time of your Life Collection” and the “KarLSson Works Collection”. As the names suggests, the Timeless Collection consists of pieces that have a “timeless” quality to them. They are not influenced by trends and feature classic styles designed with longevity in mind. The “Time of your Life Collection” features contemporary pieces that are designed to make a statement in your home or office. Unique technical features and original design is the key focus of the “KarLSson Works Collection”.

We love the high-quality craftsmanship and effortless design of Karlsson’s products, which would be an appreciated gift and a treasured addition to any home.

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