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What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2013?

Mr Gift has all of your gifts for guys covered this year, and you don’t even have to leave the house!

My New Year’s resolution last year was to get better at keep in touch with friends. FAIL.
Ok, so I did have a couple of excuses: a new addition to our family, a new business, moving house…you get the picture. Looking back now though, I suspect the error of my ways was that I didn’t plan how I was going to keep in touch with people. Phone? Email? When and how often? So this year I’m going to try again, but with a better strategy in place. My goal is to email or call a different friend every two weeks. And I’m going to block out time in my diary to do it. In our professional or personal lives, goal setting is a good way of getting things done – taking that big, scary job and breaking it up into smaller, more manageable bits. Whatever your dreams and goals are for 2013, we hope you achieve them all with a little bit of thought and planning.

If one of your goals is to get more organised this year, why not start with your gift buying for family and friends. Check out our below top ten specials and grab a gift or two at a great price…

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1. Joseph Joseph Gadgets Gift Set NOW $40 (was $49.95)

The perfect wedding, engagement and housewarming gift or gift for guys who love their kitchen gadgets.

2. Mapkins (serviettes), London design NOW $5 (were $8.95)

This pack of 20 napkins is a great party conversation starter. Find places you have been to, or would like to visit on these maps of London, New York and Paris.

3. Cubic Timer, Orange
NOW $35 (was $49.95)

Timing things has never been so much fun with this handy little cube timer. Each side of the cube times for 3, 10, 30 or 60 mins.

4. Leitmotiv Z Lamp NOW $55 (was $69.95)

This stylish lamp is a great gift for the home or office. The simple, streamlined design of the Z lamp will suit the décor of most homes, whilst serving as a useful gift.

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5. Camo Army Toilet Bag
NOW $15 (was $21.95)

A smart toilet bag always makes a great gift. This light-weight PVC coated case is simple, stylish and easy to keep clean.

6. Bamboo Fiber Travel Mug
NOW $15 (was $24.95)

This high-quality travel mug incorporates the solid feel of a ceramic mug with the light-weight durability of bamboo – an essential for your daily cuppa.

7. Ceramic Measuring Jug, 1 litre NOW $15 (was $19.95)

They just don’t make measuring jugs like these ones anymore. This ceramic jug feels sturdy – just like a vintage jug you’d find in your Grandma’s kitchen cupboard.

Also available in 250ml and 500ml sizes.

8. Paper Pot Press NOW $20 (was $24.95)

The Paper Pot Press offers an alternative way of recycling your old newspapers by turning them into biodegradable paper pots.

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9. The Essential Tool Kit
NOW $25 (was $34.95)

This handy tool kit has a great selection of tools suitable for many DIY jobs and repairs around the home and office. Also a great kit to keep in the car glove box or the camping box.

10. Oak Bootjack NOW $25 (was $32.95)

If you work outdoors, there’s probably been a few occasions where you’ve struggled to remove your dirty work boots. Struggle no more with the help of this simple yet effective oak bootjack.

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We have lots of new brands and products on the way, so keep checking our

New Products section for more gift inspiration throughout the year.

We wish you a fantastic 2013 and hope the year ahead is full of rewarding experiences and happy times.

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