BRAND OF THE WEEK: The Little Veggie Patch Co

Although I knew of The Little Veggie Patch Co, it was an online interview between Tim Reid (of Small Business Big Marketing) and The Little Veggie Patch co-founder, Fabian that made me realise – “we need to stock this brand!”

The concept for The Little Veggie Patch Co (LVPC) was originally conceived in 2008 by Matthew Pember, who was joined by Fabian Capomolla in 2009. The duo is passionate about seeing “more people living a greener lifestyle – growing their own vegetables”. Fabian explained to Tim, “we’re a business that takes out the hard work of setting up your veggie garden. We’re about having fun and fun ways of growing food.” 

The boys both have an Italian heritage, which probably explains the importance they place on food – and not just any food, but the freshest food they can grow. “We grew up being centred with food as part of our life. We always had the back garden full of veggies and fresh food coming from the back garden, so it’s a way of life,” says Fabian.
The Little Veggie Patch Co founders – Fabian Capomolla and Matthew Pember
This philosophy can sometimes present a challenge in large cities where many people live in small apartments and houses with limited space. Based in Melbourne, The Little Veggie Patch Co are aware of these limitations and “specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of chemical-free vegetable gardens” – for any sized space.
Book 1: How to Grow Food in Small Spaces
In addition to offering custom design and installation of gardens for clients, the boys have produced two books: How to Grow Food in Small Spaces (book 1) and Guide to Backyard Farming(book 2).
Book 2: Guide to Backyard Farming

They also sell a sensational range of heirloom seeds and are keen to encourage people to have a go growing these classic varieties at home for themselves.

Novice and veteran gardeners alike will love the tips and tricks included in both LVPC books. The books are exceptionally well written in an easy-to-read style (not a sentence of gardening jargon in site!) and feature plenty of beautiful images to highlight a variety of topics, such as Making a Scarecrow, Building a Spud Tower or Growing Beans in a Bean Can. Book one also boasts an A-Z of edible plants.
The Little Veggie Patch Co heirloom seed varieties

About the boys:

With 10 years landscaping experience from his previous job under his belt, Matthew knows a thing or two about creating the perfect space for clients. Matthew also has a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Melbourne (2000).

Fabian is adding another string to his bow by completing a Masters in Urban Horticulture at the University of Melbourne (Burnley Campus), in addition to his degree in Business Administration from Monash University (1998).


LVPC received “Best in Show” for their display connecting edible gardens to native Australian landscapes at the 2010 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

LVPC and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Gardens Foundation (SAKGF) have been working together since LVPC started. LVPC is the sole representative of the SAKGF initiative with an exhibition garden at Collingwood Primary.

Check out The Little Veggie Patch Co books: How to Grow Food in Small Spaces and Guide to Backyard Farming as well as their selection of heirloom seeds – the perfect gift for budding or experienced gardeners alike.

“A little food, a little fun;
a little soul, a little sun;
a little green, a little grow…
The Little Veggie Patch Co.”

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