BRAND OF THE WEEK: Fisher Space Pen

When was the last time you were let down by a pen that wouldn’t work? Perhaps you were frantically trying to write on the high-gloss surface of a birthday or anniversary card at the last minute, or trying to write on a surface that (accidently) had a bit of grease on it, or (slightly less likely) trying to write in space. Whatever you’re writing on, you want to be confident that your message will get across loud and clear. A pen that works when you need it to is an essential item for any briefcase, handbag or car glove box.

The Fisher Bullet Space Pen is sleek and compact – perfect for your business compendium, handbag or the car glovebox

The Fisher Space Pen is better than conventional pens because:

1. It’s designed to perform in harsh conditions – Space Pen designer Paul Fisher was inspired by space exploration and created a pen that withstands extreme temperatures and conditions.

2. NASA has thoroughly tested the design of the Space Pen and it is still used on manned flights to space today.

3. It’s compact – The sleek, minimalistic design is ideal for anywhere – your wallet, purse, pocket, the car or even your toolbox.

The Fisher Bullet Space Pen in Titanium Nitride is the ultimate luxury pen, available in gold or gloss black

Test it out – it’s guaranteed to write:

– Upside down
– Underwater
– At any angle
– In freezing cold
– In burning heat
– On most smooth surfaces
– On coated papers
– On photographs
– On wet paper
– On X-Rays
and of course…in the gravity free vacuum of outer-space.

The Fisher Bullet Space Pen with clip is the only accessory for your shirt pocket

Fisher Space Pen trivia:

 – The Fisher Space Pen was first patented in 1965. Following a couple of years of NASA testing, the pen was then used on Apollo 7 in 1968.

– A special Fisher Space Pen called the Stowaway was created in 1985 from genuine gold recovered from the 1622 Spanish Galleon – Nuestra Señora de Atocha treasure.

– In 1998, a Seinfeld episode was dedicated to the Fisher Space Pen. Seinfeld accepts a Space Pen from his neighbour, which his parents are not impressed about.

– Also in 1998, the Space Pen was also used to write the words “QVV” (for QVC Shopping Network) on the Russian Space Station Mir – so it became the first product sold in space.

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