Words of Wisdom: Do it with love


Throughout the course of life, there’s a few pieces of advice that we collect along the way that stick with us. Words of Wisdom is our latest blog series that shares some of these ‘pearls of wisdom’ from a variety of contributors. We hope these gems will inspire and motivate you to be the very best you can and get the most out of your life journey…

“A business mentor said to me: “Whatever you do, do it with love”. He meant that, even when I was feeling pretty frustrated with a client, I had to press reset and say to myself “do it with love” and then talk to the client.

If I think of that person as someone I “love” then I’m much nicer to them and they respond more positively. Try it on your most frustrating clients.

Recently, one of our (much loved) clients had made lots of changes, asked for extra things, contradicted themselves and then started again. We had a quick meeting to discuss how to resolve the issue.

Everyone was voicing their frustration and we said “do it with love”. We then thought about WHY the client was behaving as they were. Answer: Our client lacks support in their role, they are given impossible deadlines, the person who manages them isn’t always the most logical and they have pretty tight time-frames to find solutions themselves so they don’t always pay attention to detail.

By thinking “lovingly” about our client, reflecting on their situation and trying to think about things from their perspective we were able to come up with a work around for the issue at hand and we all went away thinking sympathetically about our client.” – Maureen Shelley, Chief Operating Officer, The Copy Collective,

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

How has this advice influenced your life or career for the better?


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