Words of Wisdom: Hire hard, manage easy

I am the local owner of 1800-GOT-JUNK? in Melbourne and Brisbane. I’ve been lucky to be given great advice that’s helped me attain one of the most successful, fastest-growing franchises of this company throughout 3 countries. Here is the advice I was given:

“1. Hire hard, manage easy. If you put the extra effort into hiring the right people at the right time, from the start, and then you manage them right through coaching and development, your business will thank you for it! At 1800-GOT-JUNK? our philosophy is “It’s All About People.”

2. “Ask for forgiveness, not permission. This advice works best for managers. Give your staff the authority and autonomy to make decisions for themselves. If you’ve hired the right people and they understand clearly what their objectives and boundaries are, they can feel empowered to make decisions without asking you. Then, if they do make a mistake, they just ask for forgiveness!” – Justin King, www.1800gotjunk.com.au

When have you been given the authority and autonomy to make decisions? How did this make you feel?


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