Christmas Countdown Checklist: November, week 1

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is now less than 2 months away!

It seems like such a long journey from now until Christmas Day, especially when you think about all the shopping, cooking and house preparations that need to be made before then. If you’re fed up of the last-minute Christmas rush every year, don’t despair – it’s not too late to get organized. We’ve created a series of short week-by-week lists with key jobs to do before the big day. We hope this helps make Christmas a little easier this year:)

This week…
1. Who do you need to buy Christmas presents for? Write a list and start shopping for gifts online. has all your men’s gifts covered – including the men that are hard to buy for!
2. Don’t promise yourself “you’ll get around to it” anymore. Bite the bullet and book a cleaner to spring-clean the house (after all, Spring’s nearly over!)

3. Are you going away for Christmas? Is your pet going with you? If not, start making holiday arrangements for your pets now – most boarding kennels book up quickly.
4. You know you’ve got a month of unhealthy eating in front of you, so focus on eating healthily and exercising this month. Maybe even do a detox – you won’t feel so bad when it all goes out the window next month!

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