Garnet Gifts

Garnet is the birthstone of January. Whilst Garnet come in many colours, it is most well-know for its rich, deep red colour and linked to purity, truth, love and compassion. Here is some interesting things you might not know about Garnet:

  • Garnet is a stone associated with successful business. If business is a bit slow, pop three or more Garnets on your desk.
  • Sleeping with a Garnet under your pillow is said to cure depression.
  • Popularity and increased self-esteem are said to come from wearing Garnets as jewellery.
  • Garnets are also said to protect you when travelling, and bring constancy to friendships.
  • Garnet is also said to have healing properties – especially for the thyroid and spleen – if held over the area.
  • It can help increase sex drive.

Check out for more info on Garnet.

Here are some of our favourite Garnet coloured gift ideas…

 Check out the Alife Design range here

Check out the full Alife Design range here…
Also available in black.
Check out the YMMN range here
Beauty Mate skin and haircare products also available in the Good on You Gift Pack.

Do you know what your birthstone is?

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