Seven Ways to Use Buttons on Gift Cards and Tags

Do you have a Button Jar? If so, how many of the buttons in that jar can you identify?

Chances are the garment that spare button/s came from is long gone, but you can’t bare to throw any out…just in case.

Here are some ideas of how to reuse old buttons, especially the decorative ones that are too nice to hide away in a jar!

1. I Love U card
Beautiful use of various red and pink buttons glued on a stripy heart shape.

2. Multi-coloured button gift tag
A lovely way of using a mix of different coloured/sized buttons. You could use seasonal colours (red and green for Christmas) or tonal colours that suit the recipient.
3. Button flowers
These gorgeous little button flowers could be applied to a card or gift tag in a number of different ways. The newsprint flower base works well with any coloured button, and you could use tonal or contrasting coloured thread to add other colours to your theme.

4. Button monogram
This button monogram would make a beautiful baby gift – as a card or as a framed piece of wall art. This is a gift to treasure forever!
5. Button gingerbread man
These sweet little gift tags would be great for children’s gifts, or on a child’s party invitation
6. Button balloons card
It’s fun to think of objects that buttons could be turned into on a card…
Image from
7. Button cupcake gift tag
A very sweet idea for a gift tag anyone would be delighted to receive – and keep forever! Masculine blue, red, grey, or green colours could be used to make this gift tag for a man.
What’s the most memorable card or gift tag you’ve ever received?
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