Handmade gift of the day: Painted Oven Mitts

These cute oven mitts are a delightful gift idea for the kids to make for dad, mum, grandma, grandad, or family friends. They are perfect for any occasion as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day gift, or even a Thank You gift.

Why we love them:

  • They are simple to make – just grab a plain oven mitt and some fabric paint.
  • You can pick up oven mitts pretty cheaply in any discount department store.
  • You can pick your colours to suit your recipient or occasion, i.e. blue or red for a man, pink or purple for a woman and red and green for Christmas.
  • The handprints are a great design – they are personalized and capture a moment in time when the kids are a certain age. We also love date-stamping them too.
  • Tip – use contrasting coloured paint on a plain mitt to ensure your design stands out.

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What is the best handmade gift you’ve ever received?
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