Handy Home Tips: Fridge Magnet Tins

These brightly-coloured little tins are too cute to throw out, but what to do with them?

The addition of a strong magnet to the back of these little tins transforms them into handy storage vessels for little bits and pieces, such as pens and pencils. 
Image from www.ezzly.hubpages.com
Here’s why we love them:
  • They make vibrant, useful fridge magnets for storing little bits and bobs such as pens, pencils, elastic bands, pegs, drawing pins, safety pins, paper clips, buttons, etc. 
  • They are a great way to reuse attractive little tins
  • They add a bit of colour and charm to any kitchen
  • You can pop them on the fridge or any other magnetic surface

What sort of magnets do you have on your fridge? 
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