Handy Home Tips: How to choose artwork for your home

The problem with renting a house is not being able to bang nails in the wall, willy-nilly to display your artwork and photos. Why is this a problem? Because displaying all of these little personal pieces transform a house into a home. Being surrounded by happy memories through photographs of fun times with people you love, or a print that you bought on that trip to Prague make us feel good. This month’s blog series, Handy Home Tips is all about feeling good at home.

Fortunately, there are plenty of handy picture-hanging products on the market now (such as Command Strips) that allow you to display all manner of framed artworks (even if they weigh up to 7kg) and don’t damage your walls or require nails and a hammer. 
So now there’s no excuses and the only thing left to do is pick some pieces to decorate your walls…

We thought we’d get some expert advice on this process and caught up with Tiffany Jade Benn, Director of a new online Sydney-based homewares store, HART : LDN (www.hartldn.com).

Tiffany Jade Benn, Director of a new online homewares store, HART : LDN

Read on for Tiffany’s helpful tips on:

1. Buying artwork for yourself
2. Buying artwork as a gift for someone else
3. This season’s hot artwork trends and must-have prints

Buying artworks for yourself:
• Be brave! Just take a slight shift from your usual style. The moment I started doing that everything changed.
• Choose your frames carefully and mix styles. If you have a collection of prints together mix the textures of the frames for an eclectic look that people will be instantly drawn to.
• Don’t rush – take your time to browse for your artworks. 
• Many framing websites will allow you to upload a photo of your artwork to see what frame will suit it best.
• If your budget allows wait until you have purchased all your artworks for your home and hire a professional picture hanging service. They work quickly, efficiently and clean up after themselves!

Choosing artwork for someone else:
• Have a look at their current interior style and head for something along those lines…however…
• Pick something that is a slight shift from their comfort zone. Not too far though!
• Don’t limit yourself to prints alone. I have a beautiful tea towel that I bought in New Zealand 6 years ago and framed it – it’s still one my favourites!
• If you’re feeling generous get your gift framed. Either pick a ready-made frame or search on the internet for made to measure frames. There are many made to measure framing websites that won’t break the bank. I love contemporary prints in very ornate frames, it makes such a statement.

This season’s hot prints

1. Metallics

The metallics trend following on from last year is showing no signs of slowing down, thankfully! It gives a feeling of luxury and high-end style at prices we can all afford. Metallics are striking in any room where you want to add a touch of luxe.

A fantastic unisex print that completely embraces our obsession with everything metallic

Senna Jean Heart Gold Foil Print 
Bring a bit of love into your life!

2. Global

Think American Indian headdresses, crosses, dreamcatchers, skulls, cacti, tee pees. Think of the Navajo in Arizona & New Mexico. This trend can easily be slotted into a colourful interior with the rich, deep colours of the desert or something more minimalist as there are many prints that are monochrome. This is a bulky unisex trend and there is truly something for everyone.

These tips were kindly shared with us by Tiffany Jade Benn from HART : LDN.
HART : LDN stocks products for men & women, for all ages and budgets with the majority of the products being designed and produced in Australia by up-and-coming designers.
Check out their website, www.hartldn.com and Facebook page.

Here are some tips on how to hang artwork in your home…

What are your favourite pieces of artwork? 
Where do you have them displayed at home?
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

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