Gift wrapping idea of the week: Black and white

The trick with wrapping gifts for men is to keep it simple. But simple doesn’t need to be boring. Simple can be striking like this gorgeous gift wrapping idea below…
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Why we love it:
1. It stands out – you won’t miss this present on the gift table!
2. The bold stripe gros-grain ribbon gives the gift a luxurious feel. For me, the ribbon makes this gift wrapping. Keep your eyes open for interesting ribbons to use on future gifts. This proves that plain, inexpensive paper can be ‘dressed-up’ with a great ribbon. 
3. This idea could work well for a woman who isn’t into girly colours or frills
4. You could substitute the black or white for other colours for a more tonal look, but the strong contrast between colours is what makes this wrapping style stand out. 
5. You could apply any image to this gift – or remove the image completely. 

What sort of gift wrapping do you like to use for a man? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

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