Handmade gift of the week: Cork sign for your bar or mancave

Every home bar or mancave needs a great sign, and this one’s a beauty! It’s eye-catching, and a great way to use up wine bottle corks…

Image from www.indulgy.com

Here’s why you need one:
1. It’s easy to make – simply find the letters and font you want and print them out to use as a template to glue your corks together. 
2. The look has a natural, organic feel, but is versatile enough to work with a sleek, modern interior, or a traditional interior. 
3. It’s a great way of reusing corks that would otherwise get thrown away. 
4. The options are endless and you’re only limited by the number of corks you have. 

How do you reuse corks? We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

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