Recipe of the Week: Jam Drops

Today is Biscuit Day, so we thought we’d share one of our all-time favourite biscuit recipes with you…

The humble Jam Drop is a firm favourite in our family. This classic biscuit recipe should be a staple in every household. 

Here’s why we love Jam Drops:
1. They are easy to whip up last minute if you need to bring a plate for morning tea
2. They are fun to make with the kids
3. They’re an ideal crowd-pleaser for fundraisers, parties or functions
4. The ingredients are simple and usually available in most households at any given time. 

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125g butter
3/4 cup sugar
2 eggs 
2 cups self raising flour

1. Cream butter and sugar. Add the eggs and beat well. 
2. Sift flour into the butter/sugar/egg mixture and mix to combine. 
3. Make mixture into stiff balls (approx. the size of a walnut) and place on greased oven tray
4. Dip the end of a wooden spoon into flour and use this to make a hole in each ball
5. Fill each hole with jam
6. Bake in a moderate (180 degrees celcius) for approx. 10 minutes or until biscuits are lightly golden. 

1. Experiment with different flavoured jams – we usually use raspberry, but marmalade, fig and homemade jams are also delicious. 
2. Biscuits can be dusted with icing sugar to ‘dress up’ for a special occasion. 

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What’s your favourite biscuit recipe? 
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