Australiana-themed birthday cake

Little Master Gift was born on ANZAC Day last year. This year, his 1st birthday coincided with the ANZAC centenary, so we wanted his cake to commemorate this very special occasion. I thought an Australiana-themed cake would be appropriate, and thoroughly enjoyed myself creating the below result…

Little Master Gift’s Australiana-themed birthday cake

How to do it:
  • The cake itself was a chocolate cake. I covered it with plain white fondant icing (after covering the cake with a basic butter cream which gives the fondant icing something to stick to). 
  • Red poppies (for ANZAC Day) were sourced from the Australia War Memorial and gum leaves from the park. The candles were purchased from a local cake shop and I picked up the flags in a local discount store. 
  • The cake is wrapped with red ribbon and white/silver organza ‘Happy Birthday’ ribbon. This helps to hide the base of the cake, as I didn’t trim the fondant icing as neatly as I would have liked! 

Tip: This was the first time I have ever used fondant icing, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy is was to work with. You simply remove it from the packet, play with it a bit to soften it up (its consistency is a bit like playdough) and then roll it out to your desired size. The fondant covers the cake like a blanket, keeping it moist and hiding a multitude of sins if your cake isn’t perfect. If also comes in quite a few colours, so I would definitely encourage you to give it a go. 

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