Gift wrapping idea of the week: Stars, spots and wool

This gift wrapping style uses very simple materials for maximum impact…

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Why we love it:
  • All you need to create this look is a bit of kraft paper or plain white paper and a strip of contrasting paper (ideally with a pattern), some wool and card to to cut out a star shape. 
  • This would be a magical wrapping style of a child’s birthday present – you could even make sure the wand is durable enough for the child to use as a toy afterwards. 
  • These neutral colours work well for girls or boys, but you could play around with tonal variations of pink and blue if you wanted to make your wrapping more gender specific. 
  • You could also add some glitter to the stars to make them stand out even more. 
  • Play around with other shapes such as hearts instead of stars to personalise for different recipients/occasions. 
What colour combination would you choose for this wrapping style? We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

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