Handmade Father’s Day gift: Golf Tee Jar

You’re about to tee for for a round of golf. Clubs? Check. Golf ball? Check. Tee?…Rummaging through your golf bag for a golf tee before you’re about to tee off is frustrating. This handy jar will ensure that dad won’t run out of golf tees for a while…

Golf tees in a jar – a useful, inexpensive gift for Father’s Day

Why we love it:
  • This is a super-useful gift for golfing dads
  • It’s inexpensive – you can easily pick up a pack of golf tees from a sporting shop for very little expense, and the jar is a recycled jam or sauce jar. 
  • You can hand-write your own label, use a Dymo Label-Maker, create one on the computer, or use a swing-tag and tie it around the neck of the bottle with some lovely ribbon or jute twine. 
  • You could choose a selection of different coloured Tees, or write his initials on the top of the Tee so he can easily recognise his Tees. 
  • You can experiment with putting the Tees in other things – little fabric bags, other interesting boxes you can find from craft shops, plastic containers, etc. 

Do you know a man who plays golf who’d love a gift like this?

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