Top ten Father’s Day gifts for hard-working dads

Top ten Father's Day gifts for Dad's desk
The countdown to Father’s Day has begun!
Here are ten of our favourite desk gadgets and accessories that will hopefully brighten dad’s day at the office. Working 9-5 has never been so much fun…

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Troika 'Easy Rider' Paper Clip Holder
1. Troika ‘Easy Rider’ Paper Clip Holder $59.95
Troika put the fun back into desk accessories thanks to quirky paper clip holder/paperweights like ‘Easy Rider’. Includes 5 paperclips and a friction motor to keep fidgeting fingers occupied. View the Troika range here…
Mondo Date Calendar
2. Mondo ‘Date’ $39.95
You’ll never have to throw out this desk calendar at the end of the year. This stylish calendar/clock combo has a clear display that’s easy to read. Check out the Mondo range here…
Troika CardSaver Wallet
3. Troika CardSaver Wallet $49.95
Troika have used new Cryptalloy technology to create a card wallet with RFID skimming protection for your credit/debit cards. You can keep your cards in this wallet and rest assured that they won’t be skimmed thanks to this clever technology. Oh, and it looks pretty good too! View the Troika range here…
Mondo Calculate
4. Mondo ‘Calculate’ $39.95
Put the fun back into crunching numbers. Every business man (or woman) would appreciate this Japanese-designed calculator – it’s sleek, stylish, and of course functional. Check out the Mondo range here…
Troika World Map Business Card Case
5. Troika World Map Business Card Case $34.95
This shiny steel business card holder is a wonderful gift option for a frequent traveller, and would also look fantastic engraved with their name or initials. 
Troika Grand Prix Paper Clip Holder
6. Troika ‘Grand Prix 1928’ Paper Clip Holder $54.95
‘Grand Prix 1928’ is a stylish homage to vintage racing cars and includes a strong magnet to hold paperclips and a friction motor so dad can also play with this desk accessory. 
Staple Free Stapler
7. Staple-Free Stapler $15.95
Connect up to 4 pages together with this environmentally-friendly eco stapler. It’s easy to use, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of staples again. 
Fisher Bullet Space Pen
8. Fisher Bullet Space Pen $69.95
Fisher take ‘creative writing’ to the next level with the Bullet Space Pen, which can write: upside down, underwater, at any angle, in freezing cold, in burning heat, on most smooth surfaces, on coated papers, on photographs, on wet paper, on X-Rays, and of course…in the gravity free vacuum of outer-space! So now you can write wheneverand wherever inspiration strikes!Check out the Fisher Space Pen range here…
Clip Calculator
9. Calculator with Clip $34.95
This is the perfect calculator for people on the move. The Clip Calculator is designed to ‘clip’ over your notebook so it’s always at your fingertips when you’re in a meeting or travelling. 
Troika Fresh Breeze Paper Clip Holder
10. Troika ‘Fresh Breeze’ Paper Clip Holder $54.95
Sailing enthusiasts will get a kick out of this neat paperclip holder with asilicone sail that doubles as a pen. It also has a friction motor and comes with five paper clips. 

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