Gift wrapping idea of the week: How to reuse an old calendar

Calendars. At the end of every year, most people would usually have at least one wall calendar they need to discard. But what to do with them, apart from throw them in the bin? Here’s a gift wrapping idea that’s hard to resist…

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Why we love it:
  • We challenge you to find a more charming way of reusing an old calendar!
  • Circling your recipient’s birthday and writing a message personalises this wrapping paper even more. 
  • Circling the date with a coloured pen and matching the ribbon to this colour makes it stand out even more. The colour also sets off the black and white print. 
  • Calendars are usually made of high quality paper, so ideal for wrapping a special gift. 
  • There is generally a page-per-month for each of these types of wall calendars, which means plenty of pages to use as gift wrapping for your family and friends (hopefully their birthdays are in different months!)

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