Gift wrapping idea of the week: Kraft paper candles

Looking for a fun way to jazz up some kraft paper gift wrap? These cute candles would be a hit with men, women and even kids…

Washi tape candles on kraft paper are striking and fun!
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Why we love it:
  • What’s not to love??? These candles are made from washi tape, but you could use paper scraps or pieces of wrapping paper to play around with colour combinations. 
  • You don’t have to be artistic or crafty to recreate this look – the drawing is simple and if you use washi tape you just need to be capable of sticking it down!
  • The colours in above image are quite feminine, but by simply changing the colours and patterns this look could be easily adapted for a man or a child. 
  • The natural kraft paper makes a great blank canvas, but you could also use black, white or another plain coloured paper for a similar effect. 

Do you know someone who would like this wrapping paper? 
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