Handmade card of the week: Heart Balloons

Hopefully this sweet card will make your recipient feel as happy and light as these two gorgeous hot air balloons look!

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Why we love it:
  • The pink and red hearts really standout against the simple kraft card background. We love the pink and red combo, but you could use two completely different colours, or two matching colours. 
  • The basket and string of the hot air balloons are simple little drawings which would be easy to recreate and draw with a black felt tip marker. The clouds would also be relatively simple to make too, but not essential if you weren’t able to make these. 
  • The curved edge of the card gives it a premium look. You can create a curved corner by tracing around the edge of a plate on each corner and carefully cutting around this curve. 
  • To create the hearts: Cut out two hearts exactly the same size. Fold each heart in half, then glue down one side of each heart, positioning so the centre-fold of each heart touches. 
  • We love this handmade card for a wedding card, but it would also be great as a Valentine’s Day card or card for an anniversary
What occasion would you use this card for? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

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