Handmade gift of the week: Cinnamon candles

The warm scents of cinnamon can sometimes be lost on a hot Australian summer Christmas, but if you’ve ever been to Europe at Christmas time, be prepared to be transported straight back there with these gorgeous cinnamon candles…

Why we love them:

  • These make a great Christmas table decoration – they look lovely and natural, and smell divine!
  • They’re easy to make – just grab some store-bought candles, arrange the cinnamon sticks around the candle and secure in place with natural twine or festive ribbon. 
  • Play around with the size of the sticks – using the same sized sticks gives the candle a more ‘uniform’ look, but random sizes also look more natural. 
  • Also experiment with different sized candles – three candles of different sizes look great grouped together on a tray as a table centrepiece or as part of a floral arrangement. 

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