Ten Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas with Plain Paper

Christmas wrapping paper doesn’t need to be expensive. The below ideas all use plain paper as a base, but are then accessorised with different coloured trims, such as ribbon, metallic pen, gift tags, string and even leaves. You are only limited by time, and your imagination!

Christmas Gift Wrap #1: Kraft paper with red ribbon and metallic writing
No gift tags required here, and the text stands out thanks to the lovely metallic pen. You could also use other festive colours such as silver, red or green with printed ribbon to pick out any of these Christmas colours. 

Christmas Gift Wrap #2: Plain paper with candy stripes
This one’s my personal favourite. I love candy stripes and nothing says Christmas more than candy canes! The sky blue colour thrown in here also works well against the red and white. 

Christmas Gift Wrap #3: Kraft paper with black and white accessories
Black and white isn’t usually an obvious choice for Christmas, but how chic does this gift look! It also works well with red, gold and silver. 

Image from www.jonesdesigncompany.com

Gift Wrap #4: Kraft Paper with Christmas Bauble
Christmas gift wrapping doesn’t get much easier than this! If you get a matt bauble, you could also write your Christmas message on it with a black marker pen. 

Image from www.sallyjshim.com

Christmas Gift Wrap #5: Plain paper with paper baubles
These paper baubles could also be reused as Christmas decorations for your tree or around the home when the gift has been unwrapped. 

Image from www.coolmompicks.com

Christmas Gift Wrap #6: Kraft paper reindeer
How cute is this family of reindeers?! They also look great grouped together in different sizes. 

Christmas Gift Wrap #7: Kraft paper with leaves
Bright green leaves really lift this natural craft paper. You could use any pine foliage or fresh herbs, such as rosemary that your recipient could actually use. 

Christmas Gift Wrap #8: Kraft paper with stitching
Ok, so this one’s a little more time-consuming than the other options, and obviously you’d need to know how to thread a needle, but WOW it’s effective!

Christmas Gift Wrap #9: Black paper with black and white ribbon and metallic writing 
The blogger who designed this gift wrapping acknowledges that it’s time consuming, but she selected four family members who had simple presents in boxes and only drew on these gifts. All her other gifts were wrapped in black and white houndstooth paper (as seen behind) so they all co-ordinated. 

Image from www.13acresblog.com
Christmas Gift Wrap #10: Kraft paper with leaves and seeds
Objects from nature are often the most beautiful accessories to use with natural gift wrapping. Look for dried leaves, seed pods and pine cones. You could also spray paint these objects with metallic paint for a festive look. 

Image from www.zena.hr

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