Cake of the week: Sprinkle number birthday cake

There’s an infectious fun associated with sprinkles. Maybe it’s the pleasant memories of childhood birthday parties, or just the rainbow of cheerful colours. These sprinkle birthday cakes are super simple to make and would make an awesome cake for anyone, of any age. 

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Why we love them:
  • Each of these cakes demonstrate an ’embossed’ or ‘debossed’ way of using sprinkles. The first image shows how you can ‘block out’ the area you don’t want covered with a template. The second image uses a number 2 stencil to pop sprinkles in. 
  • These colours would work well for children and adults of any age, male or female. 
  • You could experiment with the colour of the base icing. White will of course make the sprinkles stand out, but pale pink, yellow, or blue would also look good too. 
  • You can apply this decorating technique to a cake of any size or shape. 
Who would you make this cake for? 
We’d love your thoughts, please comment below…

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