Handmade gift of the week: Plastic animal fridge magnets

Do you have at your house:

  • Too many plastic animals
  • Broken plastic animals
  • Kids who have outgrown plastic animals?

Yes to any of the above? Then check out this fun way of re-purposing them…

Why we love them:

  • This is one of the cutest handmade fridge magnets we’ve seen. Spray-painting them with metallic paint is a great way to make them stand out and look less like you’ve pinched them from the kids’ toy box;-)
  • Create a collection of a few different animals – kids will love looking at the ‘zoo’ on their fridge!
  • They would make great gifts for birthday party bags. 
  • Experiment painting them different colours to match your decor, or on-trend colours, such as pastels. 

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