TUESDAY TIP: Life-changing organisation tip – How to label kid’s toys

Everyone has at least one organising secret, tip or hack that keeps them on the ‘straight and narrow’. It might be a little habit they’ve incorporated into their daily routine, or a unique way of doing things that saves them time (and sanity!). We threw the question: “Do you have an organisation tip/hack that has changed your life?” out there, and the resulting posts are the goodness we received in return…

How to label kids’ toys:

This tip was kindly shared with us by Linda Eagleton, Professional Organiser from Creative Surrounds in Sydney. 

“I run a Professional Organising business in Sydney and one of the most successful tips that all my ‘mum’ clients love is the labeling we use for kids stuff. When organising kids storage, always use labels with images. This is a quick, easy visual so even if your kids are too young to read, they’ll still know where all their toys should go when packing up! You can laminate them and add a cute ribbon to tie to the baskets.”

Encourage kids to tidy up by labeling storage baskets with images

Check out Linda’s website, www.creativesurrounds.com.au to learn more about what she does. 

Stay tuned for more goodness next Tuesday…

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