Who’s your Daddy? Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Mr Gift Father's Day 2016
Who’s your Daddy? 
We have gifts for every “Daddy” this Father’s Day,
Sunday 4th September

Every dad is different. Some dads love getting outdoors in the garden or playing sport, others prefer relaxing with a beer or book. Mr Gift has gifts to suit every dad – here’s a taster of some of our favourites below…

FOR YOU: Here’s a $20 Discount Voucher. To redeem your $20 voucher, simply enter Discount Code DAD in the Discount Code field when you place your order (product total must amount to $20 for voucher to work). You’re welcome to use this yourself, or pass onto someone else you know who might enjoy using it. Voucher is valid until midnight Sunday 4/9/2016.

Here are a few of our favourite gift ideas for dads

Metal Detector
eg. Metal Detector (easy-build) $29.95 
Who hasn’t dreamed of finding buried treasure? Guys of all ages will love this cool gadget that they can build themselves.
Sow n' Sow seeds
eg. Sow n’ Sow Seeds $9.95 each or 2 for $15
Spring is the perfect time of year to get out in the garden and grow some new plants from seed. Garden-enthusiast dads will love the selection of Sow n’ Sow seeds, including Australian natives.
Gentlemen's Hardware Bicycle Repair Kit
3. “MAMIL (Middle-aged Man in Lycra)” DADS
eg. Gentlemen’s Hardware Bicycle Repair Kit $23.95 
If his bike is his ‘prized possession’, and he’s not afraid to don a bit of Lycra, then this gift is for him! These repair kits are also handy for casual riders – no one likes a puncture!. 
Man Law BBQ Grill Light
eg. MAN LAW BBQ Grill Light $39.95
This handy BBQ Grill Light means that dad can still BBQ even after the sun goes down.


The Game leather cricket wallet
eg. ‘The Game’ Leather Cricket Wallet $129
The must-have accessory for every cricket-loving dad, The Game Wallet features unique stitching inspired by the iconic cricket ball.
Work Hard Play Hard Cufflinks
eg. Work Hard Play Hard Cufflinks $19.95
Essential cufflinks for dads who like to keep life in perspective, and enjoy their leisure time as much as their work time. 
Luggage tag
eg. Metal Luggage Tag from $59.95
This handmade luggage tag is a gorgeous keepsake for any dad who travels frequently to remind him of home. Features a quote from the movie Cloud Atlas,“Travel far enough, you meet yourself”. Available in copper, bronze or stainless steel.  
Fishing lure
eg. Fishing Lure from $44.95
This handmade fishing lure is a special gift for dads who are fanatical about fishing. Features inscription: “Hooked on you”. The fish will love it too! Available in copper, bronze or stainless steel.  
Golf marker
eg. Golf Marker from $39.95
This handmade snazzy golf marker will spark some interesting conversation on the golf course. Features the inscription: “Golf. All the other 4 letter words were taken”. Available in copper, bronze and stainless steel. 
Boheme Hombre Messenger Leather Satchel
eg. Boheme Hombre Messenger Leather Satchel $249.95
A smart satchel maketh the man. This timeless leather satchel will stand the test of time when it comes to style and quality. 
Father’s Day is special because…

“Raising a family can be tough sometimes, and every parent likes to feel appreciated. Most of the dads I know hit the ground running as soon as they get home from work. They barely take off their jacket before they’re helping bath the kids and get them ready for bed, dinner, etc. Father’s Day is a great opportunity to reflect on all the things – big and small – that dads do for their family throughout the year.” Jorgan Symes, Mr Gift co-founder

“What would we do without dads? Who would fix the car, lift heavy stuff, remove spiders from the house, take lids off jars, mow the lawn, and more? We reckon dads are super and deserve our appreciation for all the little things they do (that often get overlooked throughout the year). This year we challenge you to make dad feel less like an ‘unsung hero’ and more like a ‘superhero’!” Courtney Symes, Mr Gift co-founder

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