Inspiring People: Ryan Hassan, the Melbourne Centre of Healing

Ryan Hassan has been in a dark place he hopes no one else has to experience. Ryan’s personal experience with drug addiction and being on the wrong side of the law is what inspired him to create the Melbourne Centre of Healing. Here’s how he got to where he is today…

1. Tell us your story:
My name is Ryan and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. Right now I’m running a Mental Health & Addiction clinic where our aim is to free as many people as possible from these issues. Less than a year ago I was a drug addict/dealer and found myself in trouble with the law. I was going through a really dark period in life, and after coming out the other end and being happier than ever, it’s my passion now to help people do the same.

2. How did you identify the goal/s you wanted to achieve?
My initial goal was just to get off drugs, then it became “How do I not only get off them but be happier in myself than ever?

Once that was achieved then it became “How do I create this for other people now?”

3. How did you work towards achieving your goal – did you have a plan and a deadline to achieve your goals? 
There was no real deadline on these goals. Once I found the treatment that freed me I knew I had found my purpose. I was told early on by someone “Don’t expect everyone to get the clean the same way that you did.”

This was profound for me so I became relentless in studying how all people who got clean did so, and what the commonalities were.

4. What was the biggest challenge you encountered along the way?
The initial challenge was getting myself clean, from there I had legal issues that dragged on for months. Then there was starting a business from scratch with no money. It’s interesting though, once you find your purpose then any challenge that comes up doesn’t seem that great. It’s more seen as just part of the journey. And these challenges have been my greatest learning experiences.

5. What inspires you and keeps you going when you encounter obstacles?Human potential is what inspires me the most. When I see someone who’s had a breakthrough then all the obstacles, no matter how big, shrink to nothing. 

6. What advice do you have for anyone wanting to achieve a goal?
Are you hungry? When you’ve got the goal in mind, does it stir something inside you?
That’s the fuel that’s required. Whether it’s moving away from pain or towards pleasure, that emotional drive is what will make you endure the roller coaster ride ahead. Imagine yourself having achieved the goal, see it and feel it in your mind every day.

7. What are the next goals you hope to achieve?
Next goals are expansion for the business so we can reach more people. A lot of exciting things coming out online too. Raising EI (Emotional Intelligence) in society is key to tackling addiction and mental health issues.

Also shaking up the current system. Right now drug rehab programs are roughly a 10% success rate which is simply not good enough, the current system has proven itself to be ineffective.

Ryan Hassan believes “It’s time to stop looking at the addiction and start looking at the person”. Learn more about Ryan’s journey and business here:

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