Gifts to celebrate summer

Gardening gifts
Gifts to celebrate summer 
Gifts that make the most of the great outdoors

Summer (and Christmas!) is just around the corner, so if you’re looking for some seasonal gift inspiration, check out some of our new (and old) favourite gift ideas below. 

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Here are a few of our favourite warm weather gift ideas

Metal Detector
1. Burgon & Ball Classic Folding Pocket Knife & Steel Gift Set $97.95 
A breathtakingly beautiful pocket knife that comes immaculately presented in a gift box with satin lining. This is a gift that will be treasured forever.
Sow n' Sow seeds
2. Sow n’ Sow Seeds $9.95 each or 2 for $15
Spring is the perfect time of year to get out in the garden and grow some new plants from seed. This Trio of Herbs mix includes basil, coriander and parsley. Other seed varieties available.
Burgon & Ball Folding Pruning Saw
3. Burgon & Ball Folding Pruning Saw $58.95
Keep your plants neat and tidy with this small-but-mighty pruning saw. Cuts up to 10cm diameter and works on the pull stroke, so is brilliant for overhead work. 
Burgon & Ball Dig the Glove Gardening Gloves
4. Burgon & Ball ‘Dig the Glove’ Gardening Gloves $37.95
These fun gardening gloves have been designed just for men. The secret of their incredible comfort is the fabric they’re made from – a two-way stretch, breathable mesh and ultra soft, yet hard wearing cushioned fabric that means gardeners can move comfortably in these gloves.

Burgon & Ball Poc-kit Gardener's Ultility Belt
5. Burgon & Ball Poc-kit Gardener’s Ultility Belt $40.95
Burgon & Ball has mastered the “Bum Bag for Gardeners” in the form of the Poc-Kit, which is a comfortable, stylish utility belt. This genius belt will keep everything from your phone and specs to your gardening tools at your finger tips.
Burgon & Ball Pocket Pruner
6. Burgon & Ball Pocket Pruner $38.95
The ‘small-but-mighty’ secateurs designed to fit in your pocket so you’re always prepared to prune!
Burgon and Ball Tyre Plant Pot
7. Burgon and Ball Tyre Plant Pot $17.95
Burgon & Ball prove that old car tyres can be sexy, especially when they’re re-purposed into cool products like these Tyre Plant Pots. 
Paired: Champagne and Sparking Wines by Fran Flynn and David Stevens-Castro
8. Paired: Champagne and Sparking Wines by Fran Flynn and David Stevens-Castro $34.95
The warm weather has us reaching for the champagne and sparkling wine. If you want to know the best food matches for your bubbly, this book is for you. This is your go-to guide for pairing bubbles and food for a special occasion. Also includes a bunch of sensational recipes. Add this one to any wine enthusiast’s Christmas stocking.    
Tennis Racquet and Balls Cufflinks
9. Tennis Racquet and Balls Cufflinks $19.95
As the tennis season rolls around, get into the spirit with these fun cufflinks. A great gift for any tennis enthusiast (and cheaper than a top-of-the-range racquet!)
Brushtech Large BBQ Grill Brush
10. Brushtech Large BBQ Grill Brush $24.95
Get the BBQ up to scratch for your first BBQ of the season (beer and newspaper only required at the end when the dirty work is done;-)

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