TUESDAY TIP: How to use a mind map

Do you use mind mapping to help capture and organise your ideas? A mind map is like a visual To Do list, but more dynamic as it lets your ideas flow, rather feeling like you have to order them step-by-step. Gregory Golinski is a huge fan of the humble mind map, as he shared with us in this week’s tip…

“My tip to be organized at work is to use mind mapping software. A mind map is a graphical representation of my ideas and the tasks I have to complete. It helps me remember them, put them in order and generate new ideas. This mind map really looks like a tree, and each idea or task is a branch. Each new branch/idea gives birth to new ones, that’s why it’s a great tool to be more creative.
My favourite mind mapping tool is Mindjet, because it helps me create a mind map, but it’s also a complete project management tool where you can share ideas with your team,” says Gregory. 

Gregory Golinski is a marketing coordinator for Love That Pet

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