My Favourite Quote: Leann Middlemass, Wellness coach

This week Wellness coach Leann Middlemass shares two of her favourite quotes with us:

“You are your own Destiny.”

“I teach personal development and understand that decisions come from what we know. 
Our memories are activated and the attached emotion (which attaches itself at inception) provides our actions and reactions in the now. You can only hold one memory at a time, thus one emotion. So you get to choose if you want to happy or sad. So how you feel is up to you. Therefore you are your own destiny,” explains Leann. 

“If nothing changes – nothing changes.”

“We all know that knowledge is king, but without action it’s fruitile.

Imagine stepping into an elevator and wanting to go to the fourth floor but not pushing the button. The doors close – yet nothing happens. You are right where you are even if an hour passes. You have to make the first step (push the button to the forth floor.)
If you do not make the effort nothing happens. Therefore if nothing changes (and you just stand in the elevator) then nothing changes (you are right where you started.) 

Leann Middlemass is a Wellness coach, specialising in cognitive behavioural therapy. Leann can help unlock the traumas from the past that could be impacting your life in the now. Leann believes that “Once we leave the past behind we have the opportunity to live ever day in the present. It is here that happiness resides.” Learn more at

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