The best advice my mum gave me: Chris Dyson, author

“The best thing my mum ever taught me was not to let circumstances get in the way of going after what I wanted in life and to believe I could achieve whatever I wanted. Being born with a serious heart condition, having open heart surgery at just 30 months old, experiencing over 100 cardiac arrests in a single day at age 7, receiving a pacemaker implant and then having a deadbeat dad walk away from our life, certainly could have given me reason to become a sheltered, meek person who felt sorry for myself, but my mum would never have allowed this and it made me who I am today – A successful professional hockey coach, heavily involved in the game I was never excepted to play because of my ‘condition’.” – Chris Dyson 

As an author and educator of coaches, children and parents, I am now an advocate for the ethical advancement of kids in minor sports and I am developing an online educational system for coaches that will allow us to accomplish the goal of helping 50,000 children and coaches in sports to better enjoy the game, stay within it longer and learn lessons that will enhance their lives forever. All because my mom taught me to go after what I wanted and believe in my ability to do anything.

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