The best advice my dad gave me: Dr. Marcia Rodes, EdD, founder and head of school at The Polytech

“I grew up in a small farming community. My dad was not “long on words”, but when he spoke his words were meaningful. He lived by and modeled his words. I live by and model his words:
– “An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.”
– “Bring me solutions not excuses.”
– “Be honest, always tell the truth.” 
– “Don’t be afraid to say you are sorry.” 
– “All the days of your life show respect, be respectful.” 
– “Our town is not just a town, we are a community. We are responsible for one another and to one another. Never forget this.” – Dr. Marcia Rodes

Marcia Rodes, EdD, is founder and head of school at The Polytech, a private school that allows high school students to access college courses in career pathways as a part of their graduation. She is a certified school principal, counselor, and teacher, and has held multiple leadership positions of public and private schools and organizations serving children and adolescents.

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