The best advice my dad gave me: Rebecca Hannan,

“The best thing my dad taught me was you can become anything you want to be. When I first left school I started as a checkout chick. I didn’t like it because at the time I wanted to be a hairdresser. Dad would always say, ‘It doesn’t matter what your position is you can always work your way to the top.’ I did get an apprenticeship but decided it wasn’t for me after all. Since then I’ve become a serial entrepreneur who has set up 5 businesses from scratch and sit on various boards – where I work my way quickly to the top.

Dad lived with dementia for 10 years and passed away this year. Through his dementia he taught me so much more about love and a deep spiritual human connection as he lost his ability to articulate his words.” – Rebecca Hannan

Photographer: Archer Imagery

Rebecca Hannan is known as The Momentum Maker, your workplace wellness expert. Specialising in working with high achieving individuals and organisations. Learn more about Rebecca at

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