How to build a successful website tip #1: Get involved and create great content

As the owner of an online business, I am constantly exploring the best ways to improve our online presence. SEO, Google Ad Words, website design, content, landing pages…there are so many elements to consider when designing a successful website, and it’s constantly changing. So we asked some web experts and businesses “in the trenches” the question, “What are your top tips for a creating successful website?” 

We were inundated with great advice, which we will share as a series of separate posts that will hopefully provide you with some great advice to get your website in its best shape yet!

Tip #1: Get involved and create great content

“My top tip for your website is that the business owner needs to get involved. They will learn so much from a couple of months working on the website – they will save lots of money and heartache down the line – i.e. if they know how to post blogs, make small changes etc. and also know roughly how long a task takes to complete. They can then outsource that task with confidence.

The second thing I would say is that SEO is an ongoing and never ending journey. You need to create regular high quality content or you simply will not grow your organic traffic sustainably. This could be a blog, videos etc.” – Aodhan was launched in 2016 to deliver low co st waste and recycling to small Australian businesses on flexible 30 day agreements. We provide all services and really focus on boosting environmental performance.

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