How to build a successful website tip #3: Nail the 4 pillars of SEO

“Our biggest tips for creating a website are: 

Make sure all design is streamlined and that you invest in a professional graphic designer, content writer, web developer, and software engineer. Make sure to nail the four pillars of successful SEO: 

1. New and trending content creation
2. Specific content creation
3. Invest in Google Adwords and online campaigns
4. Network with other websites to gain backlinks from them. 

Following these four pillars will ensure that you’re relevant, specific, fair with Google advertising and a trusted source – all things Google loves! Make sure to target a niche and know your audience when it comes to content creation and take advantage of all social media platforms to market your website to the public.” – Kaylyn Jeffrey

Kaylyn Jeffrey is a Web Content Manager for, a business that connects everyday Australians with local service professionals. 

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