How to build a successful website tip #8: Mobile, video + accessibility

1) Mobile-first strategy – With a majority of online traffic coming from mobiles, its time businesses begin adopting a mobile-first website design that is later optimised for desktop. This will ensure that your site drives results from visitors on their mobile. 
2) Use video content on your website – This can help drive traffic to your landing pages & blogs. Video helps you to engage visitors of your site, increasing the time spent on your page which boosts your Google ranking. 
3) Increase accessibility – Create more ways for visitors to contact you. This includes channels such as email, phone, forms & Facebook messenger. You may also encourage visitors to ask questions, take tours or make consultation bookings in order to nurture those who aren’t ready to purchase.” – Lachlan Hall

Lachlan Hall is a Business development manager for SBP Creative Media, a Melbourne based digital marketing company helping businesses to communicate effectively online. In this role, he assists businesses in finding opportunities to market online and develop strategies that will allow them to cut through the clutter of online content.

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