Six cute button Christmas decoration ideas

Buttons aren’t just for clothes…they also make adorable Christmas decorations! Here are a few of our favourite ideas…

1. Stacked Button Trees
This is a great way to use up all those random buttons you can’t find a home for. The tonal coloured buttons are great, but our favourite is the rainbow tree…who doesn’t love a rainbow Christmas tree?! 

2. Button Wreath
Wreaths are an easy decoration to make, provided you have enough buttons. We love these tonal green colours, but as above with the Christmas tree, rainbow colours are also eye-catching. Metallic ribbon also goes with any coloured buttons. 


3. Button Snowflake Cushion

Ok, ok, so this one would take a bit more time and skill actually sewing on the buttons (although you could cheat with a glue gun!). But any effort is well-worth the reward for this beautiful piece. We also love the tonal pearl buttons, which are easy to get hold of and look amazing. 


4. Button Snowmen
Who knew that buttons would make such perfectly formed little snowmen?! We love the contrast of these against the blue felt, as well as the little accessories that give them personality. Simply glue them on if sewing’s not your thing. 


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5. Button Wreath #2
This pretty button wreath might not hang on your Christmas tree, but it does make a gorgeous wall decoration. This design would also look great as a cushion, like the snowflake above. We love the use of the deep red colours with the green – tasteful all the way!


6. Button Christmas Tree #2
These cute popsicle stick Christmas trees are so easy to make that the kids could do them. If you don’t have enough buttons, sequins would also work too. Grab your glue gun and get creative!


We hope these ideas inspire you to get your button box out!

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