Christmas Gifts For Him 2019

Unique gifts for men

It’s that time of year when many women tear their hair out trying to find a unique gift for men, who seem to have everything and want for nothing. Fear not! We have you covered with an extensive range of quality gift ideas for men (and women) that will hopefully provide you with some inspiration. 

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Here are a few of our favourite Christmas gifts for him

Sagaform BBQ Tool Set
eg. Sagaform BBQ Tool Set $49.95
So there’s BBQ tool sets, and then there’s the Sagaform BBQ tool set. This set ticks all the boxes when it comes to quality and style. Forget the stock-standard BBQ tool sets from un-named national hardware stores. This is the BBQ tool set you’d buy for someone to keep and treasure forever.
Sneeboer Tool Maintenance Kit
eg. Sneeboer Tool Maintenance Kit $67.95
The Sneeboer Tool Maintenance Kit is like a day spa for your gardening tools.
Designed to keep all quality hand-forged stainless steel tools in perfect health, no matter the garden soil types and conditions. 
Walk the Talk Socks
eg. Walk the Talk Socks $34.95
Socks are often seen as a “no-no” cliché gift for men. But there are no clichés when it comes to these socks. Unless you live in the tropics of far North Queensland, pretty much everyone needs to wear socks, so why not make them fun? We love the vibrant colours and funny quotes on each of the six pairs of Walk the Talk socks.
Areaware Drink Rocks
eg. Areaware Drink Rocks Whisky Stones $57.95
This one’s for blokes who love their bar accessories, and their whisky chilled, without water! Designed by Runa Klock for Areaware, these stones are made from natural soapstone and marble that will keep your spirits cold, but undiluted. 
eg. ‘The Game’ Leather Cricket Wallet $129
The must-have accessory for every cricket-loving bloke, The Game Wallet features unique stitching inspired by the iconic cricket ball.
Travellers Trivia Card Game
eg. Travellers Trivia Card Game $27.95
Put your knowledge to the test with this unique Travellers Trivia Card Game.This beautifully packaged set includes 80 trivia cards with an assortment of travel questions. This game is fun even if you haven’t travelled extensively, as you’ll pick up some interesting information on other countries and cultures.
Eva Solo Wine Bottle Aerator and Pourer
eg. Eva Solo Wine Aerator and Pourer $99.95
You can’t beat a beautiful bottle of aerated wine, especially when it’s so easy to aerate. No decanter or waiting time required, simply pour! 
100 Things to Eat Poster
eg. 100 Dishes You Must Eat Before You Die poster $58.95
We can’t think of any better challenge than 100 Things You Must Eat Before You Die. We’ve all got to eat, so make the most of it by making sure you’ve tried all of these iconic dishes.
Bicycle Puncture Repair Kit
eg. Bicycle Puncture Repair Kit $15.95
No one likes a puncture, and they usually occur at the most inconvenient time. This compact little puncture repair kit comes in a stylish tin, perfect for slipping into your pocket or bag.
Sagaform Whisky Glasses
eg. Sagaform Whisky Glasses $49.95
This gorgeous pair of whisky glasses come with their own whisky stones to keep your drink cool, without diluting it – an essential for purist whisky enthusiasts!

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