Gift for Pet-Lovers

Gifts for pet-lovers
Unique gifts for Pet-Lovers

Getting a dog was one of the best things we did last year. Syd The Greyhound has brought many smiles and happy moments to our home. I can’t imagine life without him now. For many people, their pets are part of their family, and they would love to receive a gift that reminds them of their fur-baby. This collection of gifts are perfect for people obsessed with their four-legged friends. 

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Here are a few of our favourite gift ideas for animal-lovers

Dachshund Mug
1. Dachshund Mug $19.95
Share your love for your Dachshund with the world with this cute mug. Text on the back of mug reads: Short on leg but long on personality. Dachshunds are delightful with their lively disposition, courage, intelligence and playful spirit.
Greyhound Mug
2. Greyhound Mug $19.95
“As the proud mumma of a Greyhound (the best dog breed around!) I use this mug with pride.” – Courtney Symes, Mr Gift founder. 

Text on the back of mug reads: Beneath the sleek and speedy exterior lies a sweet, loyal companion. Greyhounds are graceful, quiet and also friendly and are affectionate with their family.

Labrador Mug
3. Labrador Mug $19.95
Text on the back of mug reads: Sunny, warm and intelligent, Labradors are a loving and loyal companion. Labs are one of the most sweet-natured breeds around.
Crazy Cat Lady Mug
4. Crazy Cat Lady Mug $19.95
Text on the back of mug reads: Just one cat short of crazy. Comes in a cute kennel-style gift box packaging. 
Border Collie Mug
5. Border Collie Mug $19.95
The Border Collie is a dynamo. Their personality is alert, energetic, intelligent and intuitive. They have unlimited energy and stamina.
Maltese Mug
6. Maltese Mug $19.95
Gentle but fearless, the Maltese greets everyone as a friend and loves people. They are extroverted with a lively personality and seem to always get their own way.
Eva Solo Mini Bird Feeders
7. Eva Solo Mini Bird Feeders $79.95
Birds are fabulous for the garden – they keep pests under control, and are just fascinating to watch. Feed your feathered friends in style with this gorgeous bird-feeder set. The pair of feeders could be hung together on a balcony, or in separate trees for a more discrete look.
Coffee and Dogs magnet
8. Coffee and Dogs Magnet $9.95
“Coffee and dogs make the world go round” Amen to this!
This magnet is the perfect gift for a dog (and coffee) lover.
In a modern black and white design, this magnet would look at home on any fridge, whilst bringing a smile to everyone’s face.
Life is Better with a Dog Magnet
9. Life is Better with a Dog Magnet $9.95
There’s no denying that life is better with pets, and this magnet is a thoughtful reminder for any dog lover.
Collect Cats magnet
10. Collect Cats Magnet $9.95
This one is the for the cat-lover in your life – we all know one!
Made from high-quality ceramic, this is a thoughtful, affordable gift for the crazy cat person with everything.
Live Like Someone Left the Gate Open magnet
11. Live Like Someone Left the Gate Open Magnet $9.95
A good lesson for all of us to embrace life and live every moment, like our pets do.
This magnet is the perfect gift for a dog or animal lover.
Time Spent with Pets magnet
12. Time Spent with Pets Magnet $9.95
“Time spent with pets is never wasted” is a good reminder for us all to slow down and appreciate the special moments in life, like cuddling our fury friends.
Dogs are a girl's best friend magnet
13. Dogs are a Girl’s Best Friend Magnet $9.95
Who needs diamonds when you’ve got a dog?

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