My Favourite Quote: Anne, Dianthus Miami

While I did my Bachelor thesis at a company in the Netherlands, I came upon the quote: “Insight without action is worthless.”Marie Forleo

A Lot of the employees had many ideas and opinions to make a positive change but didn’t share their insights with the company, so nothing actually changed.
Ever since I started my traineeship at Dianthus Miami, I shared my insights and encouraged others to do the same. The team-spirit has significantly changed and created a more out-of-the-box thinking workflow. That’s what lead us to our new motto: Be Different. Be Unique.

The quote does not just apply to work-related matters, but has been my daily inspiration to make our world a better place.

Anne is a Dutch Trainee at a Floral Designing company, Dianthus Miami.
Dianthus Miami specializes in providing exquisitely designed flower arrangements and plants on land and sea while offering world-class customer care.

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